About Us

Together we can do more than any of us can do alone

Our Mission

We are committed to mobilizing the compassion and generosity of individuals and organizations to improve lives and strengthen Addison County.

We focus our efforts on three foundations of better lives: Health, Education, and Financial Stability. Together with our partners, we are:

Health: Increasing access to health care and healthy foods. Providing resources to encourage healthy, active lifestyles. Encouraging connection to one another and to our community to combat isolation. Reducing youth substance use rates.

Education: Preparing children so they enter school ready to learn. Providing the support students need to stay in school and graduate. Encouraging lifelong learning and skill building.

Financial Stability: Ensuring all families have safe housing, healthy food, transportation, and quality childcare. Providing access to financial tools and coaching to help build a better future. 

We need YOU to help us make this shared vision for Addison County a reality. Your financial gifts are the critical funding needed to launch innovative solutions to social challenges. Your time and talents are what make change happen. Your voice will help us make this change last for future generations of Addison County residents.