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We are the Uniters. We bring people together to solve problems.

We identify the most pressing issues in Addison County and we bring together the people we think can solve them. United Way funds agencies that, working together, can address the nuances of complex problems like poverty, homelessness, lack of affordable high-quality childcare, domestic violence, isolation, substance use disorder, and a disengaged workforce. We find solutions to fill unmet needs. We deploy volunteers as the feet on the street, delivering hope to people in need. We raise funding through generous donors who understand that social change can’t happen without it.

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Together, We Can.

We live in a special place and one-size-fits-all solutions don’t match the uniqueness that is Addison County. Your generosity keeps our services local and our community stronger. Please make your gift today.

2nd Annual 0.5K Race for the Rest of Us

Early bird tickets are now available for our 0.5K "Race for the Rest of Us." Come ready to walk, run, skip, or dance your way to a finish line of fun!

2023 LIVE UNITED Youth Scholarship Award

United Way of Addison County fosters community service in all community members, especially our youth. In that spirit, we are pleased to honor a local high school senior through our "LIVE UNITED" Volunteer Scholarship Award. Download the 2023 application now.

Homelessness in Addison County

Addison County has a housing crisis. Market conditions, the lack of available housing for sale and rent, and the condition of our housing stock all contribute to what has become a deeply pressing issue for our community. The problem is complex, but it CAN be solved.

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