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We are the Uniters. We bring people together to solve problems.

We identify the most pressing issues in Addison County and we bring together the people we think can solve them. United Way funds agencies that, working together, can address the nuances of complex problems like poverty, homelessness, lack of affordable high-quality childcare, domestic violence, isolation, substance use disorder, and a disengaged workforce. We find solutions to fill unmet needs. We deploy volunteers as the feet on the street, delivering hope to people in need. We raise funding through generous donors who understand that social change can’t happen without it.

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Your Support is Needed More Than Ever

While we continue to raise funds for restricted COVID-19 uses, the need to shore up our operations is greater than ever so when something of this scale happens again, we can, once again, respond from a position of strength. We can’t do this without you. Please make your gift today.

Build the Board of Your Dreams

Has your nonprofit committed to building a board that reflects the community you serve? You are not alone if you’re not entirely sure what to do next! Join us for this 90-minute panel discussion with local nonprofit leaders about the steps they’re taking to recruit and retain a diverse board of directors.

ELAC Raises Funds for ACPCC

The Emerging Leaders of Addison County (ELAC) are helping the Addison County Parent/Child Center outfit kids in winter gear - click to learn more and to donate to this worthy cause!

Join Our Board!

We are seeking volunteer board members to help lead our growing organization! Do you believe in UWAC's mission? Let's talk!

Let's Build a Stronger Addison County Together

When the pandemic is over and we return to shaking hands, the hard work will continue. UWAC will be in it for the long haul; making sure the most basic needs are met for every Addison County resident.

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