Moving People out of Poverty

We believe everyone deserves a pathway out of poverty.

Too many people in Addison County know what it’s like to be unemployed or work multiple jobs and still struggle to make ends meet. For these families, a single setback is enough to be financially devastating.

Our solution:

Climbing out of poverty is complex. United Way of Addison County is providing leadership to a network of nonprofits that serve families across our region. Together, we are creating solutions that work. We help families in need set reachable goals such as improving their credit rating so they can rent a home, send a child to college, or get a job that will pay a living wage. We help families by:

  • Investing in programs that focus on job skills training that offers a defined career path driven by employer needs
  • Supporting mentorship programs that encourage connection and interpersonal growth
  • Providing food, shelter, and housing to homeless individuals and families
  • Investing in safe, accessible, reliable, and affordable transportation for every person