Promoting Health

We believe that good health depends not just on access to quality medical care, but also the opportunity to live in an environment that is conducive to healthy living.

Healthy children perform better in school and healthy adults perform better in the workplace. The results are a thriving community where people are active, safe, and have access to healthy foods, and a local economy that benefits from millions of dollars saved on healthcare costs. In Addison County, too many children and families are struggling with addiction, domestic violence, access to healthy food, and being under-or uninsured.


  • Increasing access to quality healthcare for under-and uninsured people
  • Providing clothing, equipment, and experiences to children living in poverty that allows them to get outside all year long to play with their classmates and friends
  • Working toward the elimination of physical, sexual, and emotional violence through direct service, education, and social change
  • Investing in substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery