Board of Directors

The volunteers that make up our Board of Directors represent the small business, higher education, health and human service, and financial service sectors, as well as the community at large.

Jerrod Rushton, President

Abby Blum, Vice President

Darcy Tarte, Treasurer

Nial Rele, Secretary

Bruce Bayliss

Ann Crumb

Bruce Grove

Shannon Lyford

Logan Price

Ken Stockman

Barbara Stratton 

We Are Seeking Enthusiastic Board Members!

United Way of Addison County (UWAC) is seeking volunteer board members to help lead our growing organization! As you might imagine, the pandemic presented a new challenge for our community, Board, and staff but we quickly realized that our organization was built for times like these and we are proud of how we’ve been able to support Addison County through these challenging times. We see great opportunity for continued growth and are looking for the right volunteers to lead UWAC into the future!

UWAC holds firm in its belief that diversity, equity and inclusion are critical success factors in our ability to advance the common good in our communities. At UWAC, we value the visible and invisible qualities that make you who you are and welcome every person who brings a unique perspective and experience to help us advance our mission to improve the health, education, and financial stability of every person in Addison County.

If you share these core values and believe in UWAC’s mission, please send an email to our Executive Director, Helena Van Voorst or give her a call at (802) 388-7189. She'd love to hear from you and several of our current Board members would love to tell you about their experience volunteering with UWAC!