Living Together

Addison County’s Homelessness Task Force consists of more than 15 participating organizations representing the fields of human services, health care, business, local and state public safety, judicial and governmental officials, clergy, and other advocates. In addition to strategic collaboration and organized “street” outreach, a task force focus is community education and awareness.

Beginning in January 2024, the Addison County Independent introduced a series by the task force; the goal of these “Living Together” columns is to provide some of that awareness and perspective so that community members and decision-makers are able to have productive conversations and hopefully arrive at solutions that address the needs of all stakeholders, and especially the unhoused. 







Living Together: It takes many to aid the unhoused
By: Heidi Lacey, Executive Director, Charter House Coalition








Living Together: Economics tough for unhoused
By: Abi Sessions, Volunteer with Charter House Coalition, HomeShareVT, Gather, and former Board Chair of John Graham Housing and Services








Living Together: New mental health strategy needed
By: Christopher Mason, Middlebury Police Department








Living Together: Unhoused in need of ‘safe places’
By: Danielle Wallace, Turning Point Center of Addison County








Living Together: Solving the homelessness crisis
By: Tom Morgan, Charter House Coalition