National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

March 18th - 24th is National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW)! NDAFW is all about encouraging dialogue about the science of substance use and addiction among youth. 

The following highlights youth substance use rates in Addison County based on our 2023 Youth Survey.

Teenagers in Vermont are 75.83% more likely to have used drugs in the last month than the average American teen. 4.88% of 12-17-year-olds in the state met the criteria for Illicit Drug Use Disorder (IDUD), and 2.44% met the criteria for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in the past year*.

Alcohol is the most commonly used substance among young people in the U.S. Underage drinking is responsible for thousands of deaths each year and countless nonfatal injuries**. Alcohol use during the teen years can lead to an increased risk of alcohol use disorder later in life***. 

Teens who use marijuana/cannabis weekly have twice the risk of depression or anxiety. Nicotine (including electronic vapor products and cigarettes) can have permanent effects on developing brains and bodies. Nicotine creates pathways for addiction in the brain, making addiction to other substances more likely.4 Misuse of prescription pain medication kills more people annually than cocaine and heroin combined****.

Children whose parents tell them about the risks of drug misuse are significantly less likely to use drugs. Check out ParentUp Vermont and “Talk. They Hear You.” for resources about talking with your child about substance use. 


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