National Public Health Week

April 1-7 is National Public Health Week (NPHW)! This year’s theme is Protecting, Connecting and Thriving: We Are All Public Health

Public health is more than just health care. It includes building communities free from pollution, with safe food and water and strong personal relationships. We are all interconnected. When we come together to support public health, all of us can make a difference in improving the health of our communities. 

Monday, April 1st: Civic Engagement 

  • The actions we take to identify and address problems shape our opportunities to be healthy. By voting, we exercise our right to make decisions about our communities. Studies show better public health outcomes in states where more people vote!
  • Check out this video to learn how to register and vote in Vermont elections.

Tuesday, April 2nd: Healthy Neighborhoods

  • Where we eat, sleep, work, play, and learn have a huge effect on our health. When our neighborhoods are healthy, we have the foundation for healthy lives. Get to know your neighbors and support your communities. 
  • VT 2-1-1 is a live referral service to get connected to state and community resources. 

Wednesday, April 3rd: Climate Change

  • Climate is the most pressing threat to human health that our world faces today. We have seen the devastating effects of extreme weather events in our own state. Now is the time to act!
  • Check out Addison County’s Climate Action Plan.

Thursday, April 4th: New Tools and Innovations 

  • Public health is all about preventing disease, identifying health conditions, and promoting health and wellbeing. Advancements in public health, including wearable fitness bands; virtual doctors’ appointments; warning systems for natural disasters; and COVID-19 testing kits, can help achieve public health goals and work towards health equity.
  • Digital media isn’t a new tool, but it plays a strong role in health advocacy and public health awareness campaigns. You can sign on and share American Public Health Association’s Action Alerts to highlight your voice on public health issues!

Friday, April 5th: Reproductive and Sexual Health

Saturday, April 6th: Emergency Preparedness

  • Being ready for crises before they happen can protect you, your loved ones, and your community. Planning, having supplies on hand, and knowing how to stay safe during an emergency are life saving.
  • Check out the Vermont Department of Health’s Emergency Preparedness page and tips about Staying Safe in a Flood.

Sunday, April 7th: Future of Public Health

  • The future of public health is all about coming together and centering community voices. We must make sure everyone has access to the support and care they need for a healthy life.
  • United Way of Addison County is committed to mobilizing the compassion and generosity of individuals and organizations to improve lives and strengthen our community! 

Together, we can do more than any of us can do alone. Thank you for joining us for this year’s National Public Health Week!