Why I Choose to Celebrate Safely

As a youth in Addison County, I believe it is extremely important to Celebrate Safely after the upcoming proms and graduations. Many youths in the community may find substance use after a big event, such as prom, a way to further celebrate with friends.

However, substance use does not equal having fun, being cool, or fitting in. It can be very dangerous and can have long-term effects as young brains are still developing. Substances can alter your judgment and lead you to make unsafe choices, like driving while still under the influence.

It is important to have a plan for the night and how you’ll get home that you share with your parents or guardians. Letting people know where you are and what you’re doing is important if you are in an unsafe situation.

Also, there are many alternatives for celebrating, whether by yourself or with friends, without the risks. What I like to do with my friends is watch scary movies, cook/bake, or play board games. These may not seem as ‘trendy’ as drinking or smoking, but you can have much more fun while not risking your or anybody else’s health. This is why I choose to Celebrate Safely!

-Aislynne McGill, UWAC Youth Coordinator