Homelessness in Addison County - By the Numbers

Based upon data from service providers in the community who work with community members who are housing insecure or unhoused, as of January 18, 2024, we know that there are at least:

  • 156 experiencing homelessness
    • 41 are children (under age 18)
    • 109 are adults (ages 18-65)
    • 6 are elders (ages 66+)
  • Addison County has a vacancy rate of less than one percent (1%). Sheltered households with approved housing vouchers often cannot find an apartment to rent. Additionally, rental rates increased in Addison County by almost 6% in 2022 and are predominantly higher than what many can afford.
  • The Annual Point in Time Count is a statewide count of persons experiencing literal homelessness. The Count captures the most vulnerable population, those literally homeless, and does not include those at risk of homelessness, doubled up, or couch surfing. At the time of the 2023 Point in Time count (January 25, 2023), Addison County had 59 households - with a total of 78 people unhoused. These included:
    • 9 households with children - 15 children (under age 18)
    • 9 elders (age 65+)

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