Housing Availability in Addison County

A “healthy” housing vacancy rate in a given housing market is generally around 3%. Currently, Addison County’s vacancy rate hovers around 1%. 

  • There are currently a total of 491 affordable housing units in Addison County, with no vacancies.
  • On average, Addison County Community Trust has approximately 40 apartments that become available in a given year, and they receive, on average, about 350-400 applications for housing annually. 
    • Currently, 65 of 334 apartments are occupied by formerly homeless households.
  • Helen Porter Rehabilitation and Nursing is the only Skilled Nursing Facility in Addison County.
    • Helen Porter maintains a waitlist for the Long Term Care unit and Memory Care unit.
    • Currently, there are about 12 individual inpatients at UVM Porter who need nursing home-level care with no placements available in the county or state.
  • 2021 contacts to VT 2-1-1 (the number for United Way resources/referrals) in Addison County were overwhelmingly and consistently for assistance with and referrals to housing providers: With the exception of general “information services” referral requests, housing requests were more than three-fold greater than any other contact category in any given month.

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