Join the cause. Make your voice heard.

Policy change can be big or small. It can be petitioning your local mayor, state representative, or state senator to prioritize and scale programs that are proven to be effective in reducing homelessness or reducing youth substance use. It can be urging your congressmen to invest more in education, housing, or transportation. It can be mobilizing your family, friends, and colleagues to speak out on a critical cause, in person or online.

United Way’s focus on advocacy priorities in the areas of health, education, financial stability, and community strengthening remains steadfast. In 2021 our federal advocacy work includes an intentional focus on policies that will help our community respond, recover, reimagine and rebuild systems in the wake of the health and economic crisis from COVID-19 and address gender and racial inequities. We’re joining with United Ways across Vermont and the country to push for policy change that supports families in Addison County.